United Arab Emirates Yearbook 2013

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UAE Yearbook 2013

Abu Dhabi, UAE – November 6th, 2013 – The National Media Council (NMC), under the direction of Ibrahim Al Alabed, Director General, are pleased to announce the release of the UAE Yearbook 2013. A digital version of the UAE Yearbook has been launched in both Arabic and English to take advantage of the opportunity of digital media to reach a wider range of stakeholders and readers both locally and globally.

The NMC commissioned Elite Media, a UAE headquartered publishing services company to produce and publish the UAE Yearbook 2013 in a range of digital formats for both the Arabic and English Yearbooks that include a custom designed HTML5 e-reader interface for the web, as well as Apple and Android app versions. Both apps can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store and Google Play.

The Yearbook provides an authoritative review of the UAE’s most prominent achievements in 2012/13 with sections covering everything from the UAE’s history and government, to infrastructural and economic developments, sports, society and culture. These achievements taken place within the framework of the ambitious development journey sustained over the past 41 years, aimed at bringing progress to the nation and raising the country’s flag high, while achieving the best level of happiness, prosperity and quality of life.

Over the past four decades, the UAE has made great progress in the economic, political, social, scientific, educational, health, cultural, tourism, environmental and other fields. In its World Happiness Report from 2012, the UN placed the UAE first among Arab countries and 17th globally in terms of the population’s happiness and satisfaction. The Yearbook monitors the UAE’s growing importance at both the regional and international level.

In the business world, the UAE has gained global recognition for its excellence in the fields of economy, finance, tourism, infrastructure, communications, technology, satellites launch and industry, aviation industry and peaceful nuclear energy. The country takes great pride in pursuing the cause of sustainable and renewable energy and it hosts, of course, the headquarters of the International Agency for Renewable Energy (IRENA) in the capital city, Abu Dhabi. It is also a generous donor of humanitarian and development assistance. The OECD placed the country 16th in the world in 2012, up from 26th place in 2010, reflecting its growing foreign aid efforts.

The Yearbook also reviews the subject of human rights in the UAE, and the country’s efforts to fight human trafficking, protect migrant workers, and empower women in the political, economic and social fields. Women in the UAE today occupy senior positions in each of the three executive, legislative and judicial decision-making entities in the country, as well as in business.

The Yearbook is intended as a useful reference tool for local and international stakeholders as well as Foreign Direct Investors researching the UAE as an investment destination.

United Arab Emirates Yearbook 2013

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